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Joseph Cartron Crème de Pêche de Vigne (Peach) Liqueur

SKU 810066330030

An extensive variety of peaches grow in France, and those in the Bourgogne region are particularly known for their sweetness and aromatics. The fruit specifically selected to make the Joseph Cartron Crème de Pêche de Vigne de Bourgogne is grown on the slopes of the Hautes Côtes de Bourgogne. These small white peaches reveal a red flecked flesh, giving the spirit its gorgeous golden color and intense aromatic flavor.

To the eye: bright and golden.

On the nose: lavish yet elegant. Juicy fresh fruit with subtle floral notes.

In the mouth: the mouth is round and oily with a rich texture and juicy mid-palate.

Liqueur | 18% ABV | 700ml | France