Joseph Cartron Impérial Cartron Triple Orange Liqueur

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Imperial Cartron Triple Orange with Cognac uses essential oils from sweet Para orange which we source from Brazil and Florida. Only the skin of the peel is kept in the production of these essential oils, the bitter white pith being meticulously discarded.

This orange essence, along with a small number of bitter cherries, is incorporated with pure alcohol through distillation in a small unique still. A touch of Cognac brings body ad a pleasant lingering finish to the Imperial Cartron.

To the eye: pale topaz
On the nose: dense yet soft. A beautiful complexity wrestling between sweet aromatic orange-flower and bitter orange peel.
In the mouth: full and generous mouthfeel is quickly accompanied by bitter orange peel. Sweetness is discreet and balanced with pleasant lingering finish.

Liqueur | 40% ABV | 700ml | France