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Joseph Cartron Sureau (Elderflower) Liqueur

SKU 810066330153

The medical virtues of elderberry have long been recognized throughout the world, where the plant was used for its dark berries, white flowers, leaves, and even bark. The flowers are the most aromatic part of the plant and are what is used to create Joseph Cartron Sureau Liqueur. We source our elderflowers from Austria and Hungary, where the quality is exemplary, and one can find the perfect balance between sweet florality and tart fruitiness in the delicate blossoms.

To the eye: Crystal-clear with slight yellow hues.

On the nose: Elegant, delicate, subtle, and very expressive. The aromatic finesse of the white flowers is ever-present.

In the mouth: soft and round at first taste, followed by a pure and fresh texture in the mouth. Discreet sweetness that finishes with subtle florality and notes of tart fruit.

Liqueur | 20% ABV | 750ml | France