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Joseph Cartron Crème de Framboise (Raspberry) Liqueur

SKU 810066330016

Our fruit producers, located in the Hautes Côtes de Bourgogne area, less than 20kms from Nuits-SaintGeorges, have been the same for many generations ensuring particular attention to the fruit. Delicate Lloyd George and Rose de Plombières raspberry varieties add vibrant flavor to this unique and beautiful spirit and wonderfully highlight the lush fruit of the region.

Stainless steel vats are filled 2/3 of the way full with fruit then topped off with alcohol and macerated for four to five weeks. After filtration, crystallized sugar is slowly mixed into this infusion which naturally lowers the alcohol content and further develops the flavors of the fruit.

To the eye: cherry-red

On the nose: lush and intense fruit immediately which dissipates into sweet floral aromatics

In the mouth: bright intense fruit and round full mouthfeel. Long pleasant finish that is dryer than expected.

Liqueur | 18% ABV | 700ml | France