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Joseph Cartron Vermouth Blanc

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The official birth of Vermouth dates back to 1786 in Turin, Italy. It was invented from a German aperitif, a mixture of wine and wermut, wormwood in German. Centuries later, Joseph Cartron is reimagining this timeless spirit with a Burgundian twist – as the first ever Burgundy White Vermouth. Burgundy is just a step away from Italy, albeit a rather ambitious step which required diligent work and years of adjustments. Being respectful of the terroir and heritage, Joseph Cartron’s White Vermouth is produced with a base of Chardonnay from Burgundy.

The recipe is 100% natural: each of the aromatic ingredients (wormwood, orange, clove, laurel, nutmeg, licorice, elderflower to name a few) are selected carefully. Additionally, Joseph Cartron enhances the formula with three fruit infusions of apricot, sloeberry, and Burgundy peach. These infusions create a subtle sequence of tasting notes that are spicy, fresh, and floral.

To the eye: A brilliant lemon color.

On the nose: Aromatic and floral.

On the palate: Lush mouthfeel with a well-balanced texture and notes of warm spice, luscious fruit and florals. The finish is fresh and clean.

Vermouth | 16.5% ABV | 750ml | France